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Stefano PasottiOsteopath in Milan and Pavia. Graduated in Sports Science.

Creator and in charge of the Individual Training Center REMISE en FORME  in Pavia.

Academic teacher for the course “Functional evaluation of the sporting activities” in the “Sports Science” faculty, University of Pavia, branch of Voghera.

Has collaborated with ISSA Italy and INDIVIDUAL TRAINING Company.

Where you can find me

More centers to be closer to you!

I believe that one of the factors of quality of a professional service is also the capillarity on the territory.

For this reason one of my goals has been to have a place to practice as osteopath in different areas; I have succeeded in being present in 3 important areas of my territory: in Milan, in Pavia and in Oltrepo’ Pavese. In this way I hope to succeed in meeting better people’s needs.

Osteopathy and training, a perfect synergy

Among my peculiarities there is the attitude to deal with people’s postural problems. The years of study in the osteopathic field allowed me to effectively solve a number of problems of this kind and to qualitatively increase the service offered in our personalized training centers REMISE en FORME, since many years an important reality.

Osteopath in Milan

Meet me in my office in Milan, Via San Siro 7 (Red undergound line, Buonarroti underground station) (ring the intercom of Advanced Osteopathy). You can also use the tram 16 (stop Piazza Piemonte) (see the map). (tel. +39 338 56 92 412).

Osteopath in Pavia

Meet me in my office in Pavia near the personalized training center REMISE en FORME, via Montebello della Battaglia 4 (tel. +39 338 56 92 412).

Osteopath in Oltrepo’ Pavese

Meet me in my office in Torricella Verzate at the personalized training center REMISE en FORME in the Shopping Center Romera, piazzale Oltrepo’ 25A (tel. +39 338 56 92 412).

Contact me

To contact me you can call +39 338 56 92 412, send me and email to stefanopasotti.pv@gmail.com or fill and submit the form here below.

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Stefano Pasotti

Osteopata a Milano e Pavia. Laureato in Scienze Motorie. Responsabile e ideatore del Centro di Individual Training "Remise en Forme" di Pavia. Docente del corso "Valutazione funzionale delle attività sportive" presso facoltà di scienze motorie di Pavia, sede di Voghera. Ha collaborato con ISSA italia e INDIVIDUAL TRAINING Company. E' inoltre co-fondatore di Wellness friends™. Contatta Stefano Pasotti